Write your blessings.

Write your blessings.

Can I be honest for a minute? For the past couple of months, I've been really unfocused and distracted. As the new year approached, I just expected things to snap back to normal like "new year, new me!" - I was wrong, LOL. It doesn't work like that (it's NEVER that easy). I soon realized that just like any other time I'd been distracted in the past, there had to be an intentional change on my part to regain my focus. 


The one thing I KNOW I have control over is my thoughts. I figured if I could find ways to drown my mind with more positive thoughts, I'd be able to replace the negative distractions with focus on the goals and plans I set for the new year. 

A few women that inspired me during 2017 spoke about using a gratitude jar to track their positive moments throughout the year. This is how a gratitude jar works:

  • Find a jar/box/container
  • Decorate it to your liking
  • Each day, write something positive and place it inside the jar
  • At the end of the time period, review and reflect on what you wrote

After reflecting on all of the positive moments written, you start to realize how blessed you truly have been. Instead of focusing on what may have gone wrong or didn't happen, you are then forced to acknowledge all of the small victories you won over the course of the time period you chose. 

Anytime throughout the day that I feel encouraged, inspired, blessed, or thankful, I'm going to write the thought down, date it and add it to my jar. This will be the best way for me to see just how blessed I am each day! Instead of waiting until the end of 2018 to reflect, I'm going to use my 25th birthday in November as my "gratitude day". I'm excited to see how this goes! 

I’m thankful that I can start over DAILY! Today is a NEW day.
— Ang, 1/15/18 [1st jar entry]